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Speckanater Poppin' Corks

Speckanater Poppin' Corks

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After years of having corks bend, break, fail in other ways I decided in 1997 to make my own cork.

Trial and error led to ingenuity.   I finally found the right combination of beads for the correct sound and the weight for the best cast ability.  The Speck-A-Nater is ABSOLUTELY THE LOUDEST AND MOST DURABLE CORK MADE….PERIOD!!!  Made on 250lb stainless steel specially coated cable…it will flex and bend, but won’t kink!!

There are two specific sounds a shrimp makes when fleeing from a predator.  When it is in flight it slaps its tail hard against its body—this sound is high pitched.  The second specific sound heard is the crunch made when the predator fish bites and kills the shrimp.  This sound is a dull thud.  No other cork makes these specific sounds.  I have numerous testimonies sent to me over the years where the guide or angler was fishing with other fisherman using a different cork and they all say the same thing….The Speck-A-Nater puts more fish in the boat!!!

Tie one on today and feel, or better, HEAR the difference.

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